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  • Experience real-time event tracking at your finger tips

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  • Gain insight on your audience before, during & after your event

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  • Create engaging event experiences your audience can easily share

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  • Give your offline print marketing life with friendly QR-codes.

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    Engage your audience easily from anywhere

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  • Understand your audience by analyzing their actions

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How It Works.

EventKloud is a turn-key event marketing automation & tracking tool. Our technology will supercharge & streamline your event marketing process giving you real-time marketing intelligence into your audience so you can increase attendance & engagement.

Online Marketing

As attendees encounter your event via website/web profile, we ensure they are able to interact with and join the event.
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Mobile Marketing

Mobile is growing. With our mobile profile, users can connect with your event on a device that’s always with them.
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Offline Marketing

Print marketing is not dead, it just needs to be upgraded. With NFC, QR codes and SMS, users can do more with your print.
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Social Media Marketing

Events are social, and so is our approach to empowering your marketing. We’re fully integrated with popular social networks.
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Email Presence

Add an email snippet complete with event details to your personalized email message used to invite attendees.
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Online Presence

A fully cross-browser web profile complete with event, mapping, videos, photos, signup details and more.
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Mobile Presence

A fully cross-mobile, interactive HTML5 mobile profile with event, mapping, videos, photos, signup details and more.
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Website Presence

Our embedded, fully customized web widget is updated as soon as the event is published to EventKloud.
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Real-Time Tracking

As you start marketing, we let you see how well your event is doing with views, shares, registration rates & more.
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Attendance Trends

Get details on the type of attendees, where they’re from, when they usually arrive, gender, age & more.
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Registration Rates

Understand the effectiveness of your content and make changes until you get the best results in user registration.
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Compare Events

Compare the traction from past events with current/upcoming events in order to compare progress over a similar timeline.
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Our simple 3-step process makes event marketing easy to manage & even easier to track.